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Government Whistleblowers

Government Whistleblower Overview 

Government Whistleblower fraud can take the form of everything from overpricing a procurement item, to kickbacks in the sale or billing, and might involve internal investigations and litigation of private and government civil and criminal fraud claims arising out of the pricing and/or performance of government contracts and instituted under Title 18 or the Civil False Claims Act, including its qui tam provisions.

Sheller, P.C. helps clients navigate the complex maze of statutes and regulations at each stage of the government contracting process, from solicitation, award, performance and termination to cost-performance liabilities.

As the need arises, we can provide or assist with arbitration and alternative dispute resolution, RICO and white-collar crimes, including our nationally recognized qui tam practice, which handles whistleblower fraud claims on the federal government.

Types of Government Whistleblower Fraud Cases Sheller Investigates: 

  • Military/Defense Contractor Fraud
  • Contract Procurement Fraud
  • General Services Administration (GSA) Fraud
  • Government Grant and Research Fraud
  • Construction Contracts/Public Works

Our Team Leaders

  • Stephen Sheller

    Stephen A. Sheller:

    Respected internationally for pharmaceutical whistleblower action and class action drug product liability cases more»

  • Jamie Sheller

    Jamie L. Sheller:

    Advocate and defender of patient's rights and safety in bellwether pharmaceutical cases more»

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