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Why Sheller for Qui Tam

Expertise and Experience

Let's have a frank discussion...

...about what it can be like to be a whistleblower. For some, it's an intensely personal experience. For others, it's business. But wherever you are on that spectrum:

  • You may feel conflicted about what to do, having knowledge of wrongdoing but not wanting to jeopardize your profession, your livelihood, your family.
  • For you, it's a moral stand. It's not only about what's right-- you may be preventing harm to someone's health and well-being-- and maybe saving significant corporate expenditures, taxpayer's money, or government resources for better use.
  • You think you should've "started the ball rolling" yesterday.

You feel ready to take action:

But how? With who? Where? When?

At Sheller, P.C., we are there for and with you every step of the way. The dozens of whistleblowers we have worked with can attest to the personal attention, your confidentiality, the responsiveness, the unwavering pursuit of justice--and ultimately, success. We promote your peace of mind while helping you protect your family, your career, and your reputation.

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In fact, the whistleblowers we have represented often refer others to us. And in an unusual twist, one of our whistleblowers was actually a repeat client, going back to his profession after one case and finding his next employer doing the same things.

If our clients refer -- and return -- we must be doing things right.

We're nationally positioned...

...and ideally located. In close proximity to many of the leading jurisdictions for whistleblower matters, we also represent whistleblowers in courts across the country. From East Coast to West, whistleblowers find we diligently investigate, thoroughly build the complex cases and make the time to guide and support them through the process.

We'd like to hear from you.

If you like what you've seen so far, contact us now -- from a personal computer, e-mail us, fill out the confidential inquiry form or pick up the phone and call us at 800-883-2299. There's no obligation. Whistleblowers say they chose us because there was no pressure -- only a firm that will listen, answer questions and work with you. You have the full support of savvy, connected, strategic-thinking lawyers -- and you'll find we "fit" with what whistleblowers want in representation.

Our Team Leaders

  • Stephen Sheller

    Stephen A. Sheller:

    Respected internationally for pharmaceutical whistleblower action and class action drug product liability cases more»

  • Jamie Sheller

    Jamie L. Sheller:

    Advocate and defender of patient's rights and safety in bellwether pharmaceutical cases more»

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Sheller, P.C. recognized for the largest settlement in Pennsylvania for the time period August 2009-2010. read more»

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